Smart Vape Sensors to detect vaping. Designs for schools and other businesses where the indoor use of e-cigarettes is not prohibited.
Get SMS, email and push notifications to let you know when vaping has been detected.

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Smart Vape Sensor

Smart wireless sensor that detects vaping in indoor spaces and sends notifications through SMS, email or Push Notifications.
  • £349 per sensor
  • Easy to install
  • Works over wifi
  • Fast alerts
  • £6.99 per month, per sensor

Smart Vape Sensor – noise alerts & battery back-up

Smart mains powered and wifi connected sensor that detects vaping & loud noises in indoor spaces and sends fast notifications to members of staff.
  • Detects vaping
  • Detects noise
  • Battery back-up
  • Fast alerts via app, SMS & email
  • £6.99 per month, per organisation (includes unlimited sensors, staff and rooms management)