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Smart Vape Sensors to identify vaping incidents

[Ofsted states that schools must create] “an environment in which pupils feel safe, and in which bullying, discrimination and peer on peer abuse – online or offline – are not accepted and are dealt with quickly, consistently and effectively wherever they occur."
School Inspection Handbook

Smart Vape Sensors

Reliable technology to detect vaping in difficult to monitor areas


PSHE lesson plans and materials made in conjunction with LifeLab at NHS University of Southampton Hospital


Created with schools nationwide to help track incidents and rehabilitate students 

Reduce vaping incidents

Our smart vape sensors detect vaping and quickly send notifications to members of staff via SMS, email or the VapeGuardian app


An educational program created for students aged 11+ in secondary education

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We believe that those identified as “vapers” need help to beat the addiction

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Save on teacher time with VapeGuardian's effective solutions

Vaping is rising dramatically among school children. It is linked to health risks, mental health problems and addiction. It needs to be tackled urgently.  

VapeGuardian offers a solution to make your school a safer place. Detectors instantly alert staff if vaping happens on site, so you can act quickly. 

Detectors monitor your bathrooms and any areas where a camera cannot be placed 24/7, so you don’t have to.

Our sensors have been found to half incidents of vaping within just two weeks. And almost all incidents by week 5.

  • Quick and easy to install  
  • Accurate and effective readings 
  • Instant alerts  
  • Reduces staff hours patrolling
  • No cameras required  
  • Cost effective 

“The sensors have helped us reduce the number of students vaping”

Trinity School


Trusted in 100s of Schools Nationwide

Smart Cloud Admin Control

Access VapeGuardian on any internet enabled device

Manage Sensors

Add, edit, set “on/off times” and remove sensors


Room Management

Add, edit and remove rooms for improved vape detection in an organisation

Staff Management

Users with ‘Manager’ level permissions can add, edit and remove staff members


Alert History

See historic alerts to better understand vaping trends

Receive Notifications

Alerts detailing exactly where and vaping is detected


Profile Management

Change alert types and organisational information