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Ending the youth vaping epidemic through technology and change

From cutting-edge technology to working with government on bringing about regulatory change, our mission is to protect young people from the harms of vaping. 


Schools using VapeGuardian


Alerts in first year

Bringing about real change through awareness and regulation


Legislative reform and stringent regulatory oversight can guarantee that all vaping products on the market adhere to rigorous standards. Such measures would safeguard consumers against undisclosed ingredients, uncontrolled nicotine concentrations, hazardous equipment, and various health hazards

A comprehensive approach.

We engage with healthcare specialists, government officials, and important stakeholders to guide the regulation of vaping, focusing on preserving the health & safety of those who vape and protecting young people from its potential hazards.

Our mission is to combat the alarming rise of children vaping by tackling the harmful effects of this industry head-on. While vaping was initially presented as a solution for cigarette addiction, it has now evolved into an industry that has inadvertently created more addicts than it has helped. With enticing packaging, convenient online and in-store availability, flavours designed to allure younger individuals, and a lack of education regarding the detrimental physical and mental health consequences, children are tragically bearing the brunt of this epidemic.

Simon Hassett

Simon Hassett

Founder & CEO

“We're sleep walking in to a health crisis and the victims are the world's young people!”


Difficult to break-down and rarely recycled, disposable vapes are becoming a major environmental issue


Disposable vapes thrown away every week in the UK


Addictive and packed full of undisclosed carcinogens & other chemicals – delivered directly to lungs at high temperatures


Of e-cigarette packaging mislabels the ingredients

Young People

Disposable vapes’ bright packaging, fun flavours and easy access: all leading to an alarming rise in young vapers 


People aged 11-19 vape in the UK. Data based on A.S.H.

In the beginning..

VapeGuardian is based in Southampton, UK with offices and a presence all over the world. Founded by husband and wife, Simon & Jean Hassett, in June 2022 and the first device being sold in October 2022, VapeGuardian has quickly become the leading choice in vape detection.

Parents of 4 young children, Simon & Jean became truly aware of the scale and seriousness of the vaping epidemic as they began to supply their smart vape sensors to more and more schools.

The couple vowed to make a difference and work to protect young people against the dangers of vaping by adapting the business from a cutting-edge technology company to an all encompassing solution for helping organisations to tackle vaping.

VapeGuardian does this through offering a holistic approach to combating vaping, working with policy makers on bringing about regulatory change, listening to and helping medical professionals and supporting other stakeholders in ensuring that vaping is safe for adults and not accessible to children.

The 3 Step Plan

After considerable time spent working with schools, medical professionals and law makers, we have created a 3 step plan for how we intend to address to concerning rise in vaping.

protect young people
Protect Young People against the harms of vaping

VapeGuardian is actively protecting young people through providing affordable technology, education and safeguarding materials to help combat vaping incidents 

vapeguardian research
Research & Awareness at an iternational level

We are working to combine existing research, raise awareness and encourage new explorations in to the effects of vaping on physical, mental and oral health

end to vapinng
An end to youth vaping except for helping smoking cessation

The final goal is the end of recreational vaping with a return to its original purpose of assisting people with stopping traditional smoking