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Smart sensor technology to combat vaping

An easy to install, effective and reliable solution to help combat vaping indoors.

Flexible Monthly,Annual,Upfront Pricing

Welcome to our straightforward and friendly pricing plans, designed to match your unique needs! Whether you’re a fan of monthly flexibility, an annual planner, or prefer to pay upfront, we’ve got an option that’s just right for you.

Monthly Plan

Get a complete solution from day one and manage the payments each month over a 24 month period. All on-going costs included

Annual Plan

Around half the initial cost of paying for a comprehensive solution upfront. Spread of 2 annual payments. Like the monthly plan, all on-going costs included 

Upfront Plan

After your initial purchase, there’s just a flat ongoing cost of £16.99 per month for your entire organisation, regardless of how many sensors you’re using


£349 per sensor

Plus £16.99 per month, per organisation

Save on resources & time

Addressing the challenge of vaping, especially in restricted areas, often involves cumbersome solutions like shutting down spaces, frequent staff patrols, or even intrusive CCTV surveillance. Enter VapeGuardian: a seamless, always-on system designed to detect vaping incidents efficiently. This innovative solution operates continuously, conserving valuable resources and eliminating the need for constant manual monitoring. Upon detecting vaping activity, VapeGuardian promptly alerts staff, enabling them to respond in real-time. This targeted approach ensures that attention is focused precisely when and where it’s needed, streamlining the process of maintaining a vape-free environment.


Designed in the UK, Constantly checking for 9 changes in air quality, then sending that information to the VapeGuardian system for analysis



Should the parameters be met and vaping detected, the system sends out instant alerts to designated members of staff



Every sensor is provided with “No Vaping” signage to let people know that smart vape sensors are installed



Unlimited notifications to an unlimited number of staff – so you can respond to vaping incidents in a timely manner



VapeGuardian’s UK support team is made up of developers, engineers and detection specialists – to help with any questions that you may have



The VapeGuardian system reduces vaping incidents by ~94% within 5 weeks of installation

Sensor takes readings

The sensor is constantly taking air quality readings and sending them over wifi to the VapeGuardian system to be analysed
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Step 01

System analysis

If 9 specific changes in the readings have occurred then the VapeGuardian system identifies that vaping has taken place
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Step 02


If vaping is detected then alerts are sent to assigned members of staff. If there is no vaping, then no alerts are sent
Step 03

Web and mobile app monitoring

Manage the VapeGuardian system through the web-app (available on all browsers) and iOS & Android apps

Something important done well


  • Easy to Install

    Can be placed anywhere and set up takes minutes

  • Provides 24/7 protection

    Detects vaping in any indoor space with a range of around 12 x 12’

  • Highly sensitive

    Designed specifically not to detect any other air pollutants to eliminate false alarms

  • Fast notifications

    Sends alerts through SMS, email or push notifications within 5 seconds telling users exactly where vaping is happening

  • Multiple users

    Customised web portal allows managers to add staff, create rooms, manage sensors and much more

  • Discreet design

    Mains powered and tamper proof

  • Connects to Wi-Fi

    Provides accurate & effective readings fast over long range and robust 2.4GHz wifi

  • Customisation

    Unlimited levels of control, providing greater personalisation

Frequently asked questions

Vaping and vape detection is an always developing landscape. Here are some answers to commonly asked questions on the topic

Can we just use smoke detectors?

No. Unfortunately, smoke detectors are only equipped to detect smoke. Vaping doesn’t produce smoke and therefore renders smoke alarms ineffective.

How many sensors do we need?

This depends on the area you are wanting to cover. Each sensor has an effective range of 12×12′ (based on an 9′ high ceiling). We recommend purchasing one every 12′ squared of floor space.

How do we receive alerts?

Notifications are sent within seconds of vaping being detected via SMS, email, the VapeGuardian apps (Android or iOS) or the web-app.

How many sensors can we have?

Unlimited. Our system can notify you of vaping on an unlimited number of sensors. So, no matter how large your organisation, you can ensure that vaping is not permitted anywhere.

We also only charge £16.99 per month for all the sensors you need (when sensors are purchased upfront).

How many users can we add?

Unlimited. The main admin (we call them a “Manager”) user will be able to assign an unlimited number of users (we call them “staff”) to the account.

Why does VapeGuardian cost so much less than other sensors?

We are a UK start-up that specialises in vape detection. It’s all we do, and we do it very well. We have chosen to work on smaller margins to help schools to be able to afford our system and in-turn better serve the cause of putting an end to vaping. 

We have a strong firewall, can the sensors still connect?

We work with hundreds of different types of firewalls and types of network security. If the standard specs that we send out aren’t sufficient for getting you connected, then our specialist team will work with your IT team to find a solution.

100-day money back guarantee?
Our sensors work. So we’re confident that if you install them, you will have an effective solution.
100 days money back if you’re not satisfied removes the risk of outlying on a vape detection system