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A Complete Solution to tackling vaping


VapeGuardian isn't just about catching people vaping when they shouldn't be. Research, innovation and strategic partnerships mean that we provide a complete solution from stopping vaping, identifying incidents, properly managing situations and helping with addiction.





VapeGuardian smart vape sensors detect vaping and quickly send notifications to members of staff via SMS, email or the VapeGuardian app. The system allows for organisations to better understand the impact that vaping is having as well as providing the confidence to tackle incidents with high levels of certainty. 


Checking for 9 precise changes in air-quality to identify vaping with high-levels of accuracy. Act on alerts with confidence

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When sensors and accompanying signage are installed, vaping incidents reduce by ~94% in under 5 weeks

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“The sensors have helped us reduce the number of students vaping”

Trinity School


"Recent reports highlight this rapidly increasing problem and our local knowledge from young people, schools and youth organisations reflects this. ​"



VapeGuardian offers materials created by LifeLab, part of the University of Southampton, and based at University Hospital Southampton, in the form of an extensive PSHE course to inform students about the negative effects of underage vaping.

The package consists of lesson plans, handouts, activities and digital resources. 

VapeGuardian provide this educational resource to any educational organisation for no cost and no-commitment of any kind. The primary target is to educate as many young people as possible about the risk of vaping.

Included in the educational package is:

  • Teachers’ lesson plan
  • Teachers’ PowerPoint 
  • Activity cards looking at health risks and consequences  
  • Virtual reality animated video highlighting the influences on young people 
  • Case study worksheets 
  • Smoking vs Vaping timeline activity cards 
  • Vaping keywords wordsearch

From LifeLab:

Using research from the University of Southampton, which reveals the dangers in assuming vaping is a healthier habit than cigarette smoking, we wanted to co-create with young people a set of resources for use in schools, colleges and youth settings.

These resources highlight the negative consequences of vaping, and activate young people’s sense of social justice by spotlighting the marketing tactics being used. 

Working with members of our Youth Panel we began by carrying out focus groups with groups of young people, asking the question ‘What’s the problem with vaping?’ We discussed their thoughts, opinions, and ideas around vaping, solutions to educate and inform and signposting for young people who want to stop. Using the feedback from the focus groups and input from staff at the Faculty of Medicine and NIHR Biomedical Research Centre, who provided clinical and research expertise, the resources were created by young people for young people. 


In an era marked by rapid technological advancements and evolving social trends, schools face an array of challenges in ensuring the well-being and safety of their students. Among these challenges, one issue has emerged as a growing concern: vaping among students. As we navigate this complex landscape, it becomes increasingly imperative for educational institutions to establish robust safeguarding procedures for handling incidents of student vaping.

By understanding the gravity of the issue and the need for well-structured safeguarding protocols, schools can play a pivotal role in ensuring the health, safety, and future success of their students.

Reasons why it is important to have a safeguarding policy in place:

  • Health Protection
  • Prevention and Education
  • Student Well-Being
  • Community Trust
  • Legal Compliance
  • Improved Learning Environment

A young person was seen vaping, unchallenged by staff, throughout the two days of the inspection. The manager told the inspector that they would have expected staff to challenge this. However, there is no policy or guidance in place on the use of vaping materials at the home. As a result, the staff were not clear about the manager’s expectations.

Ofsted review

VapeGuardian's safeguarding materials remove the guesswork from tackling vaping

Our safeguarding system is designed to ensure that staff are equipped to effectively address instances of vaping. They work closely with individuals identified as using e-cigarettes, providing support and guidance to help them overcome their addiction

  • Clear Policy Statement:
    • Establish a well-defined policy statement outlining the school’s stance on vaping, emphasizing the prohibition of vaping on school premises.
  • Education and Awareness:
    • Implement educational programs to inform students, parents, and staff about the risks and consequences of vaping.
    • Promote awareness campaigns to discourage vaping, emphasizing its detrimental effects on health and academic performance.
  • Prevention Measures:
    • Regularly inspect school grounds and facilities to identify potential hiding spots or signs of vaping activity.
    • Collaborate with local authorities and community organizations to deter the sale of vaping products to minors.
  • Incident Reporting:
    • Establish a confidential reporting system that allows students and staff to report vaping incidents, ensuring anonymity when necessary.
    • Designate responsible staff members as points of contact for receiving and documenting reports.
  • Investigation Protocol:
    • Develop a clear and systematic procedure for investigating reported vaping incidents, including interviews, evidence collection, and documentation.
    • Ensure that investigations are carried out impartially and in a manner that respects students’ rights and privacy.
  • Intervention and Support:
    • Provide appropriate interventions and support for students found vaping, such as counseling or educational sessions on the dangers of vaping.
    • Offer resources and referrals to external agencies for students struggling with addiction.
  • Parent and Guardian Involvement:
    • Communicate promptly with parents or guardians when a vaping incident involving their child occurs.
    • Collaborate with parents to address the issue and develop a plan for prevention and support at home.
  • Disciplinary Actions:
    • Define a range of disciplinary consequences for vaping violations, which may include warnings, detentions, suspensions, or educational programs.
    • Ensure that disciplinary actions are consistent and follow due process.
  • Follow-Up and Monitoring:
    • Establish a system for ongoing monitoring and follow-up with students who have been involved in vaping incidents to track progress and compliance.
  • Review and Adaptation:
    • Regularly review and update the safeguarding procedure to adapt to changing vaping trends, laws, and best practices.
    • Solicit feedback from students, staff, and parents to improve the effectiveness of the procedure.
  • Collaboration with External Agencies:
    • Collaborate with local health departments and substance abuse organizations to access resources and expertise in addressing vaping-related issues.
  • Documentation and Record-Keeping:
    • Maintain accurate records of vaping incidents, investigations, interventions, and disciplinary actions taken for reference and reporting purposes.
  • Staff Training:
    • Provide training for staff members on recognizing the signs of vaping, how to respond to incidents, and the importance of consistent enforcement of the policy.
  • Privacy and Confidentiality:
    • Emphasize the importance of maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of individuals involved in vaping incidents, adhering to legal and ethical standards.
  • Community Engagement:
    • Engage with the school community, including parents, students, and staff, to create a shared commitment to preventing vaping incidents and promoting a healthy school environment.

"We need to protect our young people from a concerning epidemic being orchestrated by large companies pushing e-cigarettes"

VapeGuardian - CoFounder

Jean Hassett


The VapeGuardian team is dedicated to creating meaningful change in the realm of vaping. We collaborate with a diverse range of stakeholders, including:

  • Medical Professionals
  • Policy Makers
  • Media Representatives
  • Dental Experts
  • Educational Authorities
  • Parents and Guardians

If you share our passion for safeguarding youth from vaping risks, we welcome your input and ideas. Please feel free to contact us at [email protected]. We’re eager to hear from you!