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Smart Vape Sensor – Upfront

Smart sensor that detects vaping in indoor spaces and sends notifications through SMS, email or Push Notifications.

  • Pay for hardware upfront
  • Plus £16.99 per month, regardless of how many sensors installed
  • Mains powered
  • Easy to install
  • Works over wifi
  • Fast alerts


Sensor takes readings

The sensor is constantly taking air quality readings and sending them over wifi to the VapeGuardian system to be analysed
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Step 01

System analysis

If 9 specific changes in the readings have occurred then the VapeGuardian system identifies that vaping has taken place
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If vaping is detected then alerts are sent to assigned members of staff. If there is no vaping, then no alerts are sent
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Smart Vape Detection

Introducing our pioneering VapeGuardian Smart Vape Sensors – the latest advancement in vaping deterrence and detection technology. These cutting-edge sensors are meticulously crafted to continuously monitor and identify vaping activities. Developed by a team of esteemed PhD Environmental Scientists, our state-of-the-art system is finely tuned to detect the telltale signs of vaping in the surrounding air.

Our technology is precision-calibrated to effectively deter and detect vaping while minimising false alerts triggered by other common airborne elements. With VapeGuardian Smart Vape Sensors, you can rest assured that vaping activities will be monitored and discouraged, promoting a vape-free environment.

"I would highly recommend these vape alarms in a school setting"
Brockington College
“The sensors have helped us reduce the number of students vaping”
Trinity School
"The sensors are proving to be successful, easy setup and receiving alerts."
Emanuel School
“The sensors have dramatically reduced the number of vaping incidents”
Chesterfield High School & Sixth

Trusted by hundreds of schools across the UK

Fast Notifications

When someone vapes, get SMS, email or push notifications via the VapeGuardian app in seconds

Simple Installation

Mains powered and wifi connected. Install in minutes with constant support from our dedicated team

Signage Included

'No Vaping' wall signs included with every order. These work as an excellent deterrent to would-be vapers

Education Materials

PHSE lesson plans and class resources along with safeguarding procedures, provided with every order