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HomeBlogHealthA Herne Bay High School student who smoked a vape pen packed with a “deadly” substance was sent to the hospital.

A Herne Bay High School student who smoked a vape pen packed with a “deadly” substance was sent to the hospital.

After using a vape pen that contained a synthetic chemical that may be fatal, a student passed out outside the school and was sent to the hospital.

The adolescent had just left Herne Bay High School for the day when he was given the unlawful gadget by the gates by another child.
But the pupil collapsed on the pavement right away after taking a breath.

The principal wrote a letter to the parents stating that the student became really ill very rapidly, to the point where he collapsed.
When staff members on duty outside the school intervened, emergency personnel arrived on the scene swiftly, allowing for any necessary clinical measures before the student was transported to the hospital.

It has been discovered that the vaporizer’s fluid was bought online from an unlicensed supplier.

Spice—also referred to as K2 and Black Mamba—is a synthetic cannabinoid that is prohibited in the United Kingdom. According to the Office for National Statistics’ most recent data, between 2018 and 2020, 169 persons perished as a result of “poisoning” with synthetic cannabis.
The school reported the incident to the authorities on February 29. Since then, the police have reportedly been looking into the unlawful product’s supply chain.

Herne Bay High, which has an Ofsted rating of “Good,” has a policy that states that “vapes and vaping have no place in school.”

Additionally, Mr. Boyes has asked parents to talk to their kids about the risks associated with vaping.

The head teacher stated, “Fortunately, the student has recovered from this incident. However, the clinical team that attended informed us they have had to deal with fatalities from the same/similar products.”

We will continue our in-class instruction on safe and healthy living choices while working closely with the police.
In the previous three years, the number of kids using vapes has tripled, and 7.6% of kids between the ages of 11 and 17 regularly vape.

The government declared in January that it will outlaw single-use vaporizers and control the promotion, packaging, and flavouring of liquids intended for non-disposable devices.

According to a Kent Police spokesperson: On February 29, there was a medical incident on Bullockstone Road that involved narcotics that were allegedly inhaled using a vape pen. Herne Bay police have been informed of this.

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