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Vaping Is a Ticking Time Bomb That Must Be Defused: Protecting Our Young Kids

Vaping is a public health emergency that needs to be handled immediately in order to safeguard young people who could develop a nicotine addiction.

The AMA is emphasising the pressing need to address the negative effects of vaping, which affect individuals of all ages, as the federal parliament is scheduled to discuss the next round of vaping prohibitions this week.

Let’s be clear: Vapes are the first nicotine-based product that young adults and children consume. According to the professor, they are not attempting to stop because they have never smoked.

Nicotine has a strong addictive potential.

In light of the AMA’s vigorous advocacy and the broad support of health groups for the federal government’s vaping limits, Professor Robson urged federal MPs to support them.

Acrolein, a substance frequently used as a weed killer, formaldehyde, which is known to cause lung and heart problems, and diacetyl, which harms the lungs’ tiny airways, are among the substances frequently found in vapes.
As time goes on, more information regarding the wide-ranging risks associated with vaping becomes available. According to the professor, there is a ticking time bomb that could endanger Australians in the future.

The core of the problem, according to the professor, is the vaping industry’s ability to draw children to its dangerous goods through eye-catching packaging, tasty flavours, and vape shops close to schools.

However, they are only pulling lies out of their mouths. It’s imperative that Australians know that vaping is quickly turning into the next big thing.
The AMA applauds the federal government for taking decisive action against vaping, which includes outlawing the importation of any non-therapeutic vapes on March 1 and prohibiting the importation of disposable vapes starting on January 1 of this year.

The next stages of the federal government’s proposed measures include outlawing the commercial possession, manufacturing, distribution, and advertising of vape pens that are not intended for medical use. Additionally, all retail vape models would be discontinued and replaced with prescription-only models.

We are urging the entire federal parliament to embrace these reforms in order to address the negative effects of vaping, especially for children and future generations.

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