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Vaping: Vapes found in the possession of seven-year-old children.

A head teacher reported that vaping children as young as seven are being discovered in schools.
Staff member from Idris Davies School in Rhymney, Caerphilly’s cautioned that punishing users alone won’t solve the problem because some of them take up to fifteen lavatory breaks a day to vape.
Council members from Caerphilly were informed by School that vaping has “grown considerably” in popularity in schools.
The governments of Wales and the UK declared they would outlaw single-use vaporizers.
According to the Local Democracy Reporting Service, He stated during a Tuesday education scrutiny committee meeting of the Caerphilly council that vapes were “much easier” for students to get than cigarettes.
According to him, there has been a “substantial increase” in the amount of kids vaping during recesses and during actual class periods.
Some students were allegedly taking up to fifteen “toilet breaks” a day to vape, so the school was obliged to put “vape alarms” in the restrooms.

He claimed that it is interfering with education and contributing to an upsurge in antisocial behaviour in the restrooms.
Even though vaping is more prevalent among older students, he continued, it is “now starting to creep down into Key Stage Two”.
The UK forbids under-18s from purchasing or using electronic cigarettes.
Despite this, Lynne Neagle, the deputy minister for mental health in the Welsh government, claimed that the number of kids using vapes had ‘tripled in the past three years’.
According to recent NHS guidelines, vaping is “substantially less harmful” than smoking.
Punishing anyone found in possession of vape pens, according to him, is not likely to alter their behaviour.
He clarified that his institution works to enlighten students who are frequently unaware of the dangers associated with vaping.

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