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vaping is just as hazardous for your heart as smoking.

According to two recent studies, long-term use of vaping devices can be just as harmful to your heart as smoking regular cigarettes. 

Researchers have shown that prolonged use of electronic cigarettes can drastically worsen blood vessel function, putting users at higher risk for heart disease. 

While the detrimental effects of smoking on the heart have long been acknowledged, the effects of vaping are less well understood. 

According to a recent American study, vaping has a similar effect to smoking in terms of how it affects blood vessel function. 

Two experiments were conducted, one on humans and the other on rats. They took blood samples from 120 subjects for the initial trial. 

Long-term users of e-cigarettes, long-term smokers, and non-users of either substance made comprised the participants. 

Users using e-cigarettes more than five times per week for longer than three months were considered long-term vapers. More than five cigarettes a day was the threshold for long-term smokers. 

The ability of molecules to cross a layer of blood cells and reach the opposite side was then examined. 

The danger of developing heart disease increases with the number of molecules that can pass through. Nitric oxide, a chemical marker used to determine whether the cells are working properly, was also evaluated for the blood vessels’ capacity to release it. 

According to Matthew Springer, professor of cardiology at the University of California, “in our human investigation, we found that persistent e-cigarette users had reduced blood vessel function, which may put them at increased risk for heart disease.” 

It suggests that long-term e-cigarette users may have a similar risk of vascular disease as long-term smokers, he said. 

In their research on rats, the scientists discovered that there was not a single element that could be taken out of the e-cigarette vapours to stop the harmful effect on the heart. 

Professor Springer advised individuals to just breathe clean air and refrain from using these things. The findings “offer further evidence that exposure to e-cigarettes could lead to negative cardiovascular health outcomes,” according to Lisa Postow of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute in the US.

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