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Vapes are used by grooming gangs to entice kids as they sell e-cigarettes for sex.

A Tory MP has warned that gangs are luring kids in for sex by using vapes.asserted that kids are being used as agents by selling vapes to their pals and as mules to retrieve and transport illicit goods. The Member for Darlington detailed the story of a youth in his district who was lured into prostitution with illicit vape pens.
It’s not only about a kid puffing on a vape pen in the same manner that kids smoke cigarettes behind bike sheds. There is actual youth exploitation occurring.

The organisation St Giles Trust, which aims to prevent kids from joining gangs, has expressed concern over the growing prevalence of vaping as a means of grooming kids and teenagers throughout the country.
Concerns regarding the issue of vapes being sold in Rochdale as part of child sexual exploitation have also been voiced by Greater Manchester Police. According to Detective Chief Inspector Stuart Round, they may serve as a “gateway” for abuse, pushing kids to sell narcotics or provide sexual favours.
Preet Gill, a Labour shadow minister for public health, stated: “It is extremely alarming that vapes are being used to exploit children.” Kids are being addicted to nicotine as a result of the Conservatives’ refusal to rein in the marketing of vapes to minors, which has allowed them to become the newest school trend fashion accessory.

Labour will ram hard on the vaping sector, prohibit the marketing and promotion of vapes to under-18s, and enact strict new regulations to prevent gangs from abusing minors.

It is deeply concerning to hear more and more accounts of illegal vapes being used to groom and exploit children, stated Children’s Commissioner Dame Rachel de Souza. In order to protect kids and keep them from being taken advantage of and developing an addiction, I have already campaigned for the outlawing of disposable e-cigarettes in my capacity as Children’s Commissioner. I want all kids to grow up healthy and well.

I am on the warpath when it comes to children vaping, declared Public Health Minister  at a Westminster Hall debate on the issue of illegal vapes, which Mr. Gibson called. Regardless of whether it is legal or illicit, nicotine-free, cherry-cola-flavored, or both, kids shouldn’t be vaping.
Like so many parents across the nation, we are all extremely concerned about the potential harm that vapes—particularly illegal vapes—may be causing to children’s bodies, the speaker continued. The highly addicting nicotine in vape pens is one of the biggest health dangers. Younger people have a higher chance of developing an addiction than adults do because their brains are more vulnerable to the effects of nicotine.

According to a Home Office official, Border Force is detecting and seizing harmful goods, such as illegal or counterfeit vapes, in order to stop them from crossing our borders. We do not tolerate the sale of illegal products.” In addition, the police are taking action to break up the criminal organisations that try to smuggle them in and advertise their sale.
This government is devoted to taking down the evildoers who use children as props for their criminal schemes and will stop at nothing to ensure that they suffer the full weight of the law.

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