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Tobacco company demands more regulations on e-cigarettes

BAT, a tobacco corporation based in London, has demanded “tougher” laws pertaining to vaping, including a licencing system like to those for alcohol and cigarettes.
Additionally, it seeks to outlaw tastes that “uniquely” appeal to kids.
In response to worries that a large number of youth are vaping, the government is already exploring additional rules.
Legislation has been promised in response to an ongoing public consultation.
Based on market data by NielsenIQ, BAT is the third-biggest retailer of e-cigarettes in the United Kingdom. It is the most successful of the major western tobacco firms when it comes to the UK’s rapidly expanding disposable vape sector, which is estimated to be worth at least £3 billion annually. It sells Lucky Strike and Rothmans cigarettes.
The BAT is advocating for the licencing of vape vendors and the revocation of licences from companies found to be selling to minors. The legal age to purchase vapes in the UK is 18.
The corporation also wants to outlaw varieties of soft drinks, sweets, or desserts like cotton candy or gummy bears since they are said to appeal “uniquely” to young people.

In 2022, 15.8% of youngsters reported having tried vaping, compared to 20.5% in a recent poll conducted by the anti-smoking organisation ASH.
The Local Government Association has demanded that single-use vapes be outlawed due to their significant child appeal, role in littering issues, and fire hazard in bin lorries.
Even though doctors caution that vapes are not as harmful as cigarettes, they nonetheless contain addictive nicotine and may have unidentified health effects.
Asli Ertonguc, the UK’s BAT head, stated, “We acknowledge that some want single-use vapes banned altogether.” However, we worry that this would result in uncontrolled sales and fewer options for adult smokers who want to quit.
BAT is seeking to outlaw cartoon graphics on packaging. But it opposes banning advertising, sports sponsorship, or coloured packaging since it maintains that these are still crucial tools for persuading smokers to quit. McLaren is a motor racing team that BAT sponsors.
After the deadline of December 6th, e-cigarette restrictions will very doubt be enacted “as soon as possible” in Wales, Scotland, and England.

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