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Proposed tax increase and prohibition on flavoured e-cigarettes.

In an effort to curb youth vaping, fruit flavours for e-cigarettes may be outlawed and additional tariffs levied.
As stated in the King’s Speech earlier on Tuesday, legislation allowing for stricter limitations was promised.
Vapes may need to be kept out of sight in stores as a result of the move, which may be applicable to the entire UK, and plain packaging may be implemented.
Additionally, ministers will be attempting to raise the smoking age of sale, as they pledged to do last month.
The plan is to raise the legal age to purchase tobacco products by one year starting in 2027.
That would mean that anyone under the age of 15 could never lawfully purchase tobacco products like cigarettes.
The idea was proposed by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak a month ago, but he has assured MPs that they will have a free vote on it.
Illegal vapes have high levels of lead and nickel.
How risky is vaping, and why are young people using it a concern?
In the last two years, the percentage of 11 to 17-year-olds who vape has doubled to 7.6%.
Additionally, the government is presently seeking input on how to address the surge in youth vaping.
However, the King’s Speech, which outlined the government’s priorities for the upcoming year, disclosed that after the consultation process was over, legislation would be introduced to force a tightening of the regulations.
Limiting flavours to tobacco or tobacco and mint only; banning shop displays so vapes remain hidden, as is the case with cigarettes; introducing plain packaging to stop the use of cartoons and animal characters; and outlawing the use of disposable vapes are some of the measures being considered.
It is also suggested to impose an additional tax on e-cigarettes, on top of the value added tax (VAT), in order to drive up the cost of vapes.

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