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Politicians in Guernsey suggest stricter regulations on vaping to safeguard minors.

Under plans to tighten regulations around smoking and e-cigarettes, Guernsey may outlaw the sale of vapes to minors under the age of eighteen.

There are now no limits on who can purchase them on the island, unlike the UK, thus it is up to the individual sellers to make that decision.

The Health and Social Care Committee of Guernsey is advocating for a change in this situation, suggesting that adult purchases of vapes be limited and that disposable vapes be outlawed completely.

Additionally, because secondhand smoke poses health risks to children, they want to make it illegal to smoke in cars with children inside.
It follows rumours that kids in the Channel Islands as young as eleven are using e-cigarettes.

The percentage of secondary school students who vape on a regular basis increased from 2% in 2019 to 10% in 2022 in Guernsey.

The Committee President, Deputy Al Brouard, states: The Committee has adopted a practical stance in recommending regulatory actions to lessen the availability and visibility of vapes, in response to community concerns regarding youth use.
The Director of Public Health, Dr. Nicola Brink, acknowledges that vapes can be helpful in quitting smoking for certain people, but she finds it alarming that many of these items seem to be marketed towards youngsters in terms of flavour and packaging.

Regarding the effects of secondhand smoke, Dr. Brink continues, the Children and Young Peoples’ Survey revealed that 6% of children in primary school (years 6) and 9% of youth in secondary school (years 8 and 10) said that they had witnessed someone smoking in a car while they were inside. This demonstrates why changes are necessary.

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