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New health report issues a vaping hazard alert

Australians are being advised to think twice about vaping, which the chief medical officer considers to be the second-biggest health concern after COVID-19.

According to the National Health and Medical Research Council’s most recent assessment on electronic cigarettes, which was released on Thursday, the devices are not just hazardous but there is also scant evidence that they may help smokers kick the habit.

One in five persons aged 18 to 24 who had never smoked before had tried the devices, according to the study, which revealed that younger people are using e-cigarettes or vapes more often.

Although it’s uncommon, there is “high certainty” of evidence that using e-cigarettes might cause seizures, according to the paper.

It also discovered that consuming nicotine-containing e-liquids, whether on purpose or by mistake, can cause toxicity and, in some cases, be fatal.

People are being urged by Professor Paul Kelly to warn others about the risks associated with using e-cigarettes.

He said he has been worried about it for a while and wants more people to take it seriously.

He told reporters in Canberra on Thursday that “one of my colleagues just suggested that e-cigarettes are the next great health issue after COVID.”

“Air is the only substance we should be breathing in. There is no doubt that using electronic cigarettes could be harmful.”

Based on comprehensive research and a thorough toxicological report, the statement represents the most recent guidance regarding the effects of e-cigarettes on health.
It was discovered that all e-cigarettes, whether they contain nicotine or not, expose their users to poisons and substances that could be harmful.

E-liquids are linked to more than 200 substances, and people who use nicotine-containing devices are more likely to start smoking cigarettes.

According to NHMRC CEO Professor Anne Kelso, the chemicals’ direct lung damage is concerning.

The so-called “gateway effect” is a major source of worry since it encourages people to think about switching to tobacco cigarettes when they get familiar with smoking, she explained.

There are many degrees of harm, and young people are especially susceptible to peer pressure and advertising that can cause them to make poor decisions down the road.
Prior to using e-cigarettes, smokers wanting to quit should think about alternate aids, according to Prof. Kelso.

The pharmaceuticals regulator has not examined or approved any e-cigarette brand as a smoking cessation aid.

“Please do your research if you’re considering using electronic cigarettes. The proof is overwhelming, “She spoke.

Peter Dutton, the leader of the opposition and a former health minister who served in 2013 and 2014, declared he would be open to a discussion about whether e-cigarettes ought to be outlawed in Australia.

But in the end, he continued, people must make their own decisions.

It’s not a prohibited item. If it were prohibited, I imagine there would be a host of related issues . He told Canberran media.

My recommendation to individuals would be to not start using cigarettes or e-cigarettes, but that is a decision that people must make.

Chief health officers from all states and territories have endorsed the NHMRC statement, which is anticipated to influence future recommendations for public health and political choices.

Chief health officers from all states and territories have endorsed the NHMRC statement, which is anticipated to influence future recommendations for public health and political choices.

Ref: https://7news.com.au/politics/new-report-highlights-dangers-of-vaping-c-7270556

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