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In a new Exeter shop, illegal vapes are sold.

A DevonLive reporter has found that an Exeter vape store that opened this summer stocks and sells illicit vapes and fake tobacco. Fore Street Vapes has taken over the former Afro Hair Creations salon in Heavitree’s Fore Street.

Vapes, energy drinks, and munchies like sweet crisps are all available on its shelves. It is open every day till late at night.

The sale of vapes is subject to rigorous regulations. The maximum tank capacity is 2ml, which equates to roughly 600–650 disposable puffs. They cannot be marketed to those under the age of 18.

On Tuesday, July 25, a DevonLive reporter went into the store and requested a disposable vape that would last longer. They were shown two disposable vaporizers—a Firerose with 4,500 puffs and a Tornado with 9,000 puffs—both of which were visible to the general public.

The total cost for each was £29, and a large selection of tastes were offered stacked in a lengthy queue on a glass-fronted shelf that could only be accessed by the shop employee.

The proprietor of a well-known vape store in Exeter claims that employees have also bought items from Fore Street Vapes that are prohibited from being sold in the UK.

Nicotine-containing disposable vapes shouldn’t hold more than two millilitres of liquid, which is equivalent to up to 600 puffs, he said. Customers have visited our shop, nevertheless, and informed us that Fore Street Vapes is offering huge bars.

We dispatched a few members of our team to the store twice, and not only were there 9,000 nicotine-containing puffs on display, but they also sold tobacco and cigarettes from foreign nations.

Various tobacco and cigarette brands, including those from Poland and Russia, were taken out from behind the counter. Due to the changed writing and lack of the peel slip on the side of the packet, the business is selling counterfeit cigarettes. Instead of paying the usual £14 for them, you could have them for £6.

We believe that this type of store is breaching the law and not truly assisting the industry. We have informed Trading Standards, the neighbourhood MP, and the local police.

Illegal vapes often did not have the right warnings or information on their packaging. They also pose significant risks to users, as they’re not regulated or evaluated for safety or quality.

Should you be experiencing any of the issues mentioned in this article, please contact us, and we will see what we can do to help with your situation.