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Children are being sold illegal vapes in toy stores.

Toy stores are selling illegal vaporizers next to plush toys and action figures, according to Trading Standards.

The Swansea authorities reported that they had confiscated over 140,000 illicit vape pens in the last several months.

More than half of secondary school students who vaped were probably using illegal items, which get under UK restrictions and can have far greater nicotine levels, according to a recent poll by Action on Smoking and Health Wales.

The Welsh government stated that it was collaborating with the UK government to address the issue and expressed great concern about the alarming increase in youth vaping.
There are now vapes imitating the Prime drink brand; if that isn’t aimed at children, what is?

Kids are being pushed towards illicit vapes when we send them into [vaping establishments], and that’s what comes out of their mouths.

Swansea’s evidence room has hundreds of exhibits, one of which being a shelf full with fake kid’s toys.

Nestled amidst them are vapes featuring lime and cola flavours, bearing a large tag announcing their nicotine-free status.

This kind of product is theoretically legally able to be sold to anybody.

However, upon opening the outer box, he finds a standard disposable vape pen with 2% nicotine inside.
What is a prohibited vaporizer?
Disposable vapes are subject to stringent laws in the UK; they are only allowed to hold 2 millilitres of liquid and 20 milligrammes of nicotine, which is equivalent to 20–40 cigarettes.

These regulations are disregarded by illegal vapes, which frequently have far greater nicotine and liquid dosages.

A common indicator of an illicit vaporizer’s use is a “puff count” of more than 600–800.

According to Trading Standards, using some illicit vapes can be the same as smoking 20 cigarettes at once.

According to Mr. Harries, illicit or child-sold vapes account for almost two-thirds of Swansea’s calls to Trading Standards.
Many of the illicit vaporizers that are being confiscated originate from “pop-up vape stores,” which briefly open for business before closing.

According to Mr. Harries, the majority are operated by powerful organised crime groups that have understood how profitable the market is.

There are worries that the unlawful vapes’ increased uncontrolled nicotine content may lead to a rise in addiction.

According to Ash Wales, a poll of over 12,000 secondary school students in Wales revealed that 45% of vapers couldn’t get through the school day without it. This survey was the largest of its type in the United Kingdom.

Young youngsters, some of whom are as young as 11 years old, have informed us that it’s actually very simple to obtain these things.
Data indicates that although the number of minors vaping is growing, it is still a small percentage.

According to the Ash study, 7% of kids in secondary schools said they vape on a regular basis. However, the degree of addiction among those kids raises questions.

Wales Live has received allegations that some students are turning to Snus or other non-nicotine items in order to get through the day without vaping.

The sachet releases nicotine into the bloodstream when it is inserted under the lip; it resembles a tiny tea bag.

A few secondary schools have put vape detecting equipment in their restrooms, but other schools claimed they had to add more personnel to their break room in order to prevent students from vaping during recess.
They are sold to them by corner stores without asking for identification or anything else.
Additionally, the survey indicated that teenage girls were more likely than boys to vape.

In Year 13, the poll found that 17% of girls and 10% of boys reported vaping.

One 15-year-old girl, who wished to remain anonymous, claimed that when she was 13 years old, a buddy at school introduced her to vaping.

She answered, “I buy them from shops.”

I could go without it for a day before becoming really moody. I want to give up.

Legitimate retailers are working “tirelessly to ensure they supply only compliant products and carry out checks to verify the ages of their customers,” according to the Independent British Vape Trade Association.

“Those that supply unlawful goods, neglect their age verification obligations, or in many cases both, persistently undercut this goal. These actions jeopardise customer safety as well as the industry’s reputation, either separately or—worse yet—when combined, they claimed.

Children and nonsmokers should never use vapes, according to the Welsh government.

Through the Tobacco and Vapes Bill, we are collaborating with the other UK governments to address youth vaping and lessen the allure, accessibility, and cost of vapes for kids, according to a spokesman.

We will be able to control the flavours and ingredients of e-cigarettes, as well as the way they are packaged and positioned in stores, thanks to this bill, which will help us keep kids from being exposed to or encouraged to use them. We also intend to outlaw single-use (disposable) vapes starting on April 1, 2025, because of their detrimental effects on the environment and because there is strong evidence connecting them to the recent increases in youth vaping.

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