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Blackpool’s top physician supports government initiatives to curb child vaping

Dr. Arif Rajpura has been advocating for more stringent regulations to deter youth e-cigarette use for a number of years.
Tighter regulations, such a restriction on fruit flavours, the concealment of vapes in stores, and the use of only plain packaging, were included in the most recent King’s Speech, which outlines the government’s priorities for the upcoming year.
Another option is to outlaw the use of disposable vaporizers.
A consultation regarding strategies to address the surge in youth vaping is presently underway; after its conclusion, action may be taken.
According to a HealthWatch Blackpool poll conducted earlier this year, 31% of young people vape regularly or occasionally.
“I have had serious concerns about youth vaping for a number of years,” stated Dr. Rajpura.

Because nicotine-containing e-cigarettes have the potential to promote addiction, they are a product that is age-restricted.
Vaping is not a risk-free substitute for smoking, especially for people who have never smoked, and its long-term health effects are still unknown.

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