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Blackpink’s Jennie ‘regrets’ vaping indoors

Star of Blackpink Jennie has apologised after a video surfaced in South Korea showing her vaping indoors, causing a significant uproar.
The K-pop singer let out a cloud of smoke that blew onto her makeup artist’s face, drawing a flurry of criticism.
A common YouTube comment asks, “Do you need to be educated for all the basic manners?”
To “everyone who felt uncomfortable with Jennie’s actions” as well as to her “disappointed” fans, her label, OA Entertainment, has extended an apology. According to the label, the star has also expressed regret to any employees “who may have been affected”.
“Jennie acknowledges and deeply regrets her mistake of vaping indoors and causing inconvenience to the staff,” said the statement.
Celebrities in South Korea are accustomed to close scrutiny. They must adhere to strict moral and behavioural standards in the nation, and any transgression is taken seriously.
The scene that has since been removed was a part of a video that Jennie’s official YouTube channel uploaded. It expanded swiftly among the more than 10 million subscribers and beyond.
It’s not a smoking issue. Blowing smoke in the face of the employees indoors is merely impolite, according to a popular YouTube comment on a news outlet’s channel.
Another says, “You don’t puff on your friends’ faces; even smokers know that.” You only act in such a way when you truly have no regard for others around you.”
In South Korea, it is illegal to smoke or vape inside and carries a fine of up to ₩100,000 ($72; £56).
But in this instance, it’s possible that Jennie—her full name is Jennie Kim—wasn’t vaping in South Korea. According to some reports, the video was shot in Italy, where it is illegal to vape in enclosed public areas. Jennie’s agency, however, has not made it clear where she was at the moment.
Nevertheless, a vengeful South Korean has requested that Seoul’s ministry of foreign affairs and their nation’s embassy in Italy conduct an inquiry.
Jennie is not the only well-known South Korean figure to experience criticism for her smoking.
When they were discovered smoking indoors, Doh Kyung-soo, the lead vocalist for the well-known K-pop boy band EXO, and Haechan, the singer for the band NCT, received a lot of backlash. They received a fine and issued a public apology.
International admirers of Jennie have been more understanding: “Please don’t listen to anyone.” Under her most recent Instagram image, there is a top comment that says, “You are queen and we will support you forever.”
“You are still loved by me. We grow from our mistakes,” a another fan commented.
The largest K-pop female group in the world, Blackpink, was founded in 2016. Each of the four members—Jisoo, Lisa, Jennie, and Rosé—has achieved independent celebrity status.

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