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After vaping the equivalent of 57 cigarettes a day, the teen’s lung burst.

On May 11, the father “cried like a baby” after receiving a phone informing him that his 17-year-old daughter Kyla had passed out and turned “blue” after an early overnight at a friend’s house.

Before her lung collapsed that morning due to an excessive vaping habit that had burst a small air blister on her lungs known as a pulmonary bleb, Kyla believed her habit to be “harmless.”

Following her near-cardiac arrest, Kyla had a five and a half-hour lung excision procedure.
The student wouldn’t be permitted to return home for an additional two weeks.

Mark remarked, “It was terrifying.” I’ve shed tears of joy. Seeing that was awful. I’ve spent the entire time with her.

It posed a hazard to life. She was really close to suffering a cardiac attack on Friday, so it did pose a serious threat to her life.

They claimed she turned blue. They believed she had left.
Kyla had been vaping since the age of 15, when she noticed her classmates using them. Every week, she would go through a full 4,000 puffs.

That comes out to 400 cigarettes a week, or 57 cigarettes a day.

Though she thought it was harmless, the experience has scared her away from the habit.

Kyla stated: “It started to gain popularity when I was fifteen.” My pals were all involved in it. I simply assumed that everything would be okay and that I would be alright.

I used the 4,000-puff ones every day and would finish them in about a week.

Despite having seen so much about them, I genuinely believed they were benign and wouldn’t harm anyone. I simply believe that everyone holds the same opinion.

I won’t touch them now, though. I’d stay far away from them. I’m genuinely terrified of them because of the scenario.

I was frightened. We walked in with the idea of spending a few hours there, but we ended up staying for two weeks, getting operations and doing other procedures.

An X-ray showed that Kyla had a hole in her lung after a bleb had formed, despite the fact that she had previously been taken to the hospital last November with suspicions of having a heart attack.

After being informed that it had healed, she was admitted to the hospital once more in February. However, a few weeks later, her lung collapsed.

Mark, a full-time caretaker, is eager to caution other young people to “throw away vapes” because they are not worth it, after learning of his daughter’s near-death experience.
The Egremont, Cumbria-based father of nine children stated: “I’ve been to hell and back with Kyla over the last couple of weeks.”

I simply attribute this to vaping; they are unable to attribute this to anything other.

I received a call at 4 am from her friend’s house, where she was staying, informing me that she had passed out. I circled back to get her. We carried her to the medical facility.

This time, the perforation caused her lung to collapse. A drain was installed in her. She is a young child who is afraid of needles. She let out a cry. She was on the verge of going into cardiac arrest.

She underwent the surgery on Tuesday after they hurried us into Newcastle. The procedure took five and a half hours. While on the operation table, she experienced a seizure.

The surgeon was discussing these blebs that can develop on the lungs with me.

They believe that the disposable vape pierces your lungs and bursts these blebs.

It seems to be quite popular right now. This type of surgery is nothing new to him.
With 11 such cases recorded last year, even younger children—those under five—are ending up in hospitals due to vape-related ailments including collapsed lungs.

Children are becoming more and more familiar with vaping; in 2023, the percentage of children who claim they have tried one will almost double to 20%, according to Action on Smoking and Health (ASH).

According to a poll conducted by a public health nonprofit, in 2023 there will be twice as many children between the ages of 11 and 17 who vape as there are smokers.

Teens that vape may have stunted brain development because of the harmful compounds (such lead and uranium) that are inside of them.

Mark, who has been vaping for 13 years in an attempt to stop smoking, once saw Kyla using an electronic cigarette.

However, it wasn’t until she was on the verge of death that he realised how young she had started and how much she vaped.

“People underestimate how dangerous they can be,” he stated. They helped me quit smoking thirteen years ago, and I have never felt uncomfortable about it.

Even though you don’t think it bothers you now, after what happened to Kyla, it might in the future. I’m afraid of it.

There should undoubtedly be a ban on children. in particular, the disposable ones. These substances that they contain have not undergone adequate testing.
People will continue to do it until the government conducts tests on it.

The physician reported seeing far more of it than in the past. He did mention that many young people had lung holes in them.

Parents, you will experience what I did when you watch your child act in this way, I would say. It’s simply not worthwhile.

Children don’t comprehend until it actually happens to them. It’s the reason I posted on Facebook. I will have to warn young children about this.

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