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After vaping rendered the young mother unable to breathe, she nearly passed away.

Jodie Hudson was sent to the hospital a few days after she noticed that she was having trouble breathing while moving around her home due to pneumonia caused by vaping.

The 26-year-old, who lives in Worksop, Nottinghamshire, switched from cigarettes to vapes two years ago. However, she had no idea that her decision to take what she thought to be a less dangerous option would result in a hospital stay. The mother of two-year-old  a council employee, claimed she smoked her vape anywhere and everywhere and that she had no urgent plans to stop before getting sick.

Jodie was sent to Bassetlaw Hospital’s A&E after she started suffering severe dyspnea, where medical professionals informed her about the damaging effects of vaping on her lungs. She was so terrified that she thought she might not see her son again while she was there; her mother had warned her that she “might die” if she didn’t stop vaping. Jodie’s health worry has caused her to permanently give up e-cigarettes, and the mother is now cautioning others not to use the “very addictive” devices.

When I was about eighteen, she started smoking cigarettes, which I stopped when I became pregnant with my kid. After that, after he was born, my partner started vaping, so I figured I’d give it a try since it sounded healthier because it contained less tobacco, and I really enjoyed it.

In fact, she discovered that it was far more addicting than cigarette smoking. With vaping, you may select any flavour you want, and unlike smoking, there are no lingering flavours on you. She became enamoured with them.

She used to buy disposable ones two or three times a week, but now she buys them every day. She was simply smoking it everywhere she went. As much a shisha bag as it was an addiction to nicotine, it was far more relaxed than an addiction to nicotine.

However, Jodie’s health rapidly deteriorated as she struggled to perform regular household chores without running out of breath and quickly contracted tonsillitis. “I smoked a whole vape a day the previous weekend, and on Monday I thought I had tonsillitis and wasn’t feeling well,” Jodie stated. I had trouble eating, breathing, and my breathing was so awful that I kept waking myself up with snoring.

I had a panic attack on Saturday because I was so afraid of how little oxygen I was getting that I was unable to function. I wasn’t feeling good. I was out of breath while I was moving around the home. Do you want to visit A&E, my mother asked? You have to go and you have to help, she said.

I was having trouble breathing and was having trouble walking. I felt so lightheaded that I had to sit down very immediately as I was shaking and perspiring while walking from the car to A&E. I hardly had the energy to communicate, and I was having trouble expressing myself. I only desired to go to bed.

Nothing can be done when you are unable to breathe. My oxygen level was so low when I arrived that I was placed in a room almost immediately. I was experiencing hypotension and a very elevated heart rate, reaching 130 beats per minute.

Jodie had other tests, such as an ECG and a chest x-ray, which verified the diagnosis of pneumonia linked to vaping. “I wasn’t surprised, but if I don’t stop it now, this could end up being something much more serious,” Odie remarked.

You really have to give up; you could end up dead, my mother told me. It’s clear that vaping is having an impact on my lungs, the physicians added. I need to get another x-ray to confirm whether there is any lasting damage, but they didn’t state anything.

I feared I would never leave this hospital when they were thinking about admitting me. All I wanted was to see my son again. It spooked me. My son should not grow up without parents.

They just told me to quit, because things can only get worse from here.

Furthermore, the mother expressed that she is “full of regrets” for the effects that vaping has had on her money and health. Jodie declared: “As a result of everything, I now have asthma. It’s likely that I will use inhalers for the remainder of my life.

It’s been a complete waste of money, and I’m dying with regrets. I could have used that money to live, but now I have to spend more on prescription drugs. It truly has been a wake-up call. Previously, I was having trouble quitting vaping; now, I’ve given it up completely.

I’m not going to smoke or vape ever again. People frequently believe that it won’t be them. Before it’s too late, it’s never you. This is going to kill me sooner than I think, but it’s definitely the wake-up call I needed.

At this point, I advise everyone to simply give up; save yourself and your health are the only things you need. You’re killing yourself, it’s a waste.

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